have you ever envied a NFT i owned? or wanna be a bad boi/girl?

this dapp allows you to copy-mint any ERC721 asset I (berk.eth) currently own on ethereum mainnet into a new collection.

you can only copy-mint an id number for once.

when you copy-mint my asset, your NFT in copy-mint contract will mirror the original asset's metadata forever, meaning that even if i sell or transfer my original copy, your copy will stay the same.

this is a conceptual cryptoart that exposes some essence of interwebz, ethos of crypto and nfts, provenance, and digital art in web3

copy-minted collection is your curation. my public wallet is your medium and your ambitions and intentions are the mastermind. you are the artist.

to copy mint you need to spend 0 $BASTARD token (BASTARD GAN PUNKS COMMUNITY TOKEN)


copyminted so far: -

berk.eth has - erc721 nfts

Your bastard balance: 0 $BASTARD

copymint price: 0 $BASTARD